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Maybach Vundi

Maybach Vundi is the C.E.O. and founder of Maybach Media,  and its various spun-off entities. Maybach is a visionary, transformative leader in-charge of a great team of amazing skills and talents in the competitive space of online entertainment and media production.

Maybach Media owns media, communications and online entertainment outlets and businesses as well as a production front. Maybach the C.E.O’s vision is to grow Maybach Media to be the best in entertainment news and entertainment content production. He says one too many a times that he wants everyone around him to win because that is the only way Maybach Media then wins.

Maybach is also engaged in charity work through the Maybach Media Charity front and loves to go out meet the needy and love them through giving. See the MM Charity page to see how you can join Maybach in touching the hearts of the needy in the world today.

MM Charity


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