Throughout the course of the last decade, few things have become as certain as  Kim Kardashian  showing off her body every chance she gets. The entrepreneur and reality star took a social media break after her frightening robbery in Paris but she has since returned with even more risqué material than we’ve become used to.

As she struts her stuff across Instagram, Kim knows just the right angle to get people talking about her, covering up ever so slightly so as to censor herself enough for the social giant to not put up a fight. While she  almost went a little too low  in previous promotion for her new fragrance, Kim is back at it today, accidentally (or maybe not) showing her nipple in a photo for KKW Body. 

While it may not seem entirely relevant that she is back at it considering the number of sultry photographs Kim takes on a daily basis, Kardashian has been taking things to the next level lately, combating the censorship rules that Instagram has put in place with photos such as this one. The reality star shows off her world-famous curves while covering up her breasts with her arms, revealing part of her left nipple in the process.

It comes with her recent release of a fragrance packed in a bottle resembling her body figure which was made by moulding her own body in clay to get the accurate shape! And so I guess when it comes to marketing then it will only be possible to market the same with her own body hence the pictures we have been getting. But the biggest question everyone has here at Maybach Media has is should we be getting exposed to this body at this point? Her fans would think a big YES and so we bow down!