50 Cent woke up today with hilarious stories and decided to share them with the rest of the world.

Well not that it was 7 a.m. in the morning that mattered but he had to do what he had to do. Now this story he shared is saved in the backdrop of his star sign.

He is of the observation that his star sign cancer represents people who are peculiar and see things and approach life in a certain way.

You will recall he even addressed this in his book noting that if you couldn’t be friends with him as a cancer the next closest thing for you to be was an enemy! That is Fif!

Now he says one can fall in love with a cancer but they can’t be doing shit! And that he as a cancer does not forget stuff and will remember something and get pissed off as if it was happening now!

Which brings us to the story he shared this morning about meeting Kareem Abdujabar at the airport whom he says he then was so exited to spot he decided to go and say hi.

On reaching at where the NBA star was, he said what’s up but Kareem he says looked at him as if he was crazy probably not clicking it was 50 and so he lost it as a cancer and dropped some words on him!

The rapper says he gave him the F word and told him he was an old a** n*gga and the didn’t give a F about sky hook n*gga.

Check out Fif’s story below and let us know how you handle a cancer in your life on the comments section.

“🤔yo i was in the airport one time, i looked i said oh shit that’s Kareem abdujabar i went and said what’s up, he looked at me like i was crazy👀I said oh shit 🤔😠well fuck you then, you old ass n*gga I don’t give a f*ck about a sky hook n*gga, n*ggas been trying to kill me shhiiittt f*ck you.😡I was mad i said something to his ass. #bransoncognac #lecheminduroi”

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