We reported to you yesterday that the artist behind the murals depicting 50 cent in different faces influenced by the entertainment scene had been attacked and hospitalised.

Well the rapper has come out to distance himself from the attack and says he had nothing to do with it!

Earlier this month, murals resembling 50 Cent started popping up around Melbourne. 50 Cent was not happy, and threatened to beat up street artist Lushsux.

The famed artist was been hospitalised after being beaten up, and 50 Cent claims he “didn’t do that.”

Lushsux, Melbourne street artist, revealed he had been hospitalised after being attacked by “6 or 7 smoothebrains at one time.”

The murals, portraying 50 Cent as an array of different people, from Donald Trump, Post Malone, Chairman Mao and Tekashi 6ix9ine, to Taylor Swift, and even Oprah received popularisation after 50 cent himself shared them on his Instagram page.

Soon after the murals went viral, 50 Cent became livid, and began to taunt the artist on Instagram saying things like; “like to hit this MF right in the back of his head while he doing this shit,” and “he think I can’t find his ass in Australia. I’m a have a knot put right on his f*cking head.”

Soon after the rapper posted his complaints, Lushsux and many others chocked it up to being just talk, with the artist responding jokingky;

“50 cent wanna ‘meet’ me or you think he actually just wanna beat me?” He would later reveal the news posting;

“50 seems to want some more walls? Unfortunately some 6 or 7 smoothebrains at one time on the street already put me in hospital already this month because of this shit,” Lushsux wrote.

“I don’t like to bring up all the bad stuff I have to deal with just to paint some ‘ha ha funny you laugh now’ images on walls but I guess now is a chance. I constantly have to unwillingly fight people (among other insane shit you would not believe even if I told you) on the street who for whatever cooked reason seem to feel the need to come up to me at a wall and start trouble.”

“It’s tiresome, but it will not ever stop me doing what 99.8% of what everyone else seems to for the most part get a hearty chuckle out of, because they aren’t sociopathic pieces of shit.”

Well after getting wind of what had happened. 50 Cent was quick to indicate that he had nothing to do with the hit and that he didn’t set it up and even wished the artist quick recovery.

“🤭the artist got 👊in the 😆that wasn’t me I didn’t do that.”

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