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50 Cent Follows Michael Blackson Into Will Smith’s DMs To Talk Jada Pinkett Before Will Kicks Him Out With An ‘F U’

In what seems to be false DM screenshot following in style of his pal Michael Blackson, 50 Cent purportedly slid into Will Smith’s DMs trying to discuss Jada Pinkett Smith and the bombshell that was their round table talk today!

50 Cent begins his conversation by first finding out if Will was okay on the other end to which Will allegedly confirms he is before Fif dives into the agenda of his DM!

The rapper castigates the Hollywood heavyweight with questions about why he would allow for Jada to go and tell him such things on a show that will then be seen by millions around the world.

Will seems unbothered by the point Fif is trying to raise telling him that at the time they were separated and so she did her while he was doing him!

But then Fif horns into the point where Jada in the show talked about nobody giving her permission to be taken by any man and that she could only be the one who gives such permission!

But 50 Cent adds his own crap into the reference noting that she said she was the only one who could give permission for anyone to blow her back out!

Will allegedly having had enough gives 50 Cent expletives before going radio silent on him and leaving him there in the DMs wondering what he did wrong in his question!

Check out the conversation below and let us know what you think on the comments below.

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