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50 Cent Reacts To Iran Putting Arrest Warrant On Donald Trump Says He Is On Demon Time

Donald Trump has officially been hit with an arrest warrant in Iran for ordering the drone strike that killed Qasem Soleimani in January.

The country is asking Interpol for help but it is likely that the warrant will only become a problem for Trump once his term ends.

Of course, the news shook things up this morning and added another controversial layer to his Presidency.

The usual suspects have commented on the arrest warrant, including 50 Cent who actually sent a so-called message from the President to Iran.

“A arrest warrant my son Trump don’t give a fuck, he on Demon Time,” wrote 50 Cent. “Tell them fools in Iran he said drop da addy.”

Of course, the post was closed out with two of the rapper’s signature hashtags, promoting his cognac and champagne brands.

Surprisingly enough, Trump himself has not responded to the arrest warrant yet.

He was active on Twitter a couple of hours ago but he is likely thinking up what kind of foolishness he can say to entertain the masses once again.

Now that 50 Cent has spoken, we’re waiting to hear what Snoop Dogg has loaded up this time.

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