Rapper 6ix9ine has realized that his huge numbers in followers and YouTube views do not necessarily translate to sales in album and you could say it is something he is having difficulty accepting!

6ix9ine’s first-week sales figures got revealed, showing that the controversial rapper ended the week with 55,000 equivalent album units.

Making up a good chunk of that figure are fans that purchased physical or digital copies of Tattle Tales, amounting to 29,000 pure sales.

Unfortunately for him, that number is nowhere close enough to locking him into the top spot on Billboard, which will be going to Big Sean and Detroit 2 who moved massive numbers taking over 100K in units easily to his fanbase.

Ever since his first-week sales were revealed, the rainbow-haired rapper has been on a meltdown in his hometown, ripping down posters promoting his new music while his girlfriend tried to calm him down.

He also showed himself handing out copies of the album to strangers on the street.

He’s not only trolling though he’s also trying to legitimately convince people that the album did not flop.

Updating his Instagram Story, 6ix9ine showed a comparison between himself (an artist that has been blackballed by the industry) and others, including Lil Durk, Trippie Redd, and Lil Tjay.

Sharing statistics for their respective albums, 6ix9ine ran an experiment to check their pure album sales against his.

According to his thesis, Lil Durk only sold 3,000 pure copies, Lil Tjay only sold 1,000 pure copies (on his album from last year) and Trippie Redd only got 14,000 pure sales in his first week (again, in 2019).

In case you don’t have a calculator handy, that means that Tekashi outsold all three of his rivals combined in pure sales.

That doesn’t say much though. For a man who claims to let numbers do all the talking for him, he sure is latching onto some pretty non-important stats.

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My mom still thinks im a winner

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