An explosion in Beirut amid Covid-19 pandemic would send a shock wave around the world and many expected the news coming out there to be shocking in relations to injuries and deaths! They were!

And now we have a view of what Beirut looks like after the massive blast; a moon scape look like view!

George had come with a friend to see what they can salvage from his parents retirement home and given the damage, the parents would never be able to move back.

Many people have lost their homes, more than 300,000 people in city have been made homeless according Beirut governor.

As the city embarks on a massive clean up exercise, many feel that the city didn’t deserve this. They even add they are nice people and such level of destruction should not be meted on them.

Many city dwellers lack confidence in their government to find the cause of the disaster and if so they expect they will hide the truth.

Watch the video below for the rest of the story that is the destruction of Beirut city that was never meant to be!

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