It is difficult to figure out who Bhad Bhabie is dating or wants to date given her quirky track record but she is not giving up!

It is no secret that she has a thing for rappers but for years rappers have not wanted anything to do with her!

She has tried to be identified as some rappers girlfriend even fought other girls for it but in the end nothing ever works not even to say the rappers never comment on it!

For a while she tried to get NBA Youngboy to fall for her and tried to get other girls off of him and sort of declared him her territory only for NBA to go MIA and totally just go offhand without an explanation!

However despite the disapproving rappers, she has never given eup and now she has gone ahead and shown her interest for another rapper!

Bhabie got Yung Bans name tattooed on her! His name is ‘Vas Coleman’ which she proudly presented on Instagram before her followers disapproved of it and she went on to start mocking them on how mad they were for her decisions!

Check out the tattoo below and let us know what you think on the comments down below.

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