Boosie has been receiving cars left right and center and not just any cars but some of the most expensive monsters you can think of!

The rapper in a span of 2 days received 2020 Rolls Royce truck, 2020 V12 Maybach and noted that 2020 URUS LAMBO TRUCK, 2020 CORVETTE 3T, 2021 JAG FTYPE, 2020 AUDI TRUCK were on the way.

Now he has since been highlighting how beautiful and amazing the Maybach was also revealing that he had injured himself and thanks to the comforts of the beast he was having the best life has to offer while he nursed himself as he was being driven around to run errands.

But it seems while Boosie has found all the money he could ever want affording him the kind of life many want, he cannot stop thinking about one thing that was taken from him abruptly! His Instagram account!

The rapper took to his Twitter account to offer Zuckerberg $100K to return his account to him! While that his laughable given Zuck is a clean billionaire and probably that kind of money is what he spends in a matter of minutes in business, the rapper tried anyway!

It is not clear why Instagram has decided to take forever to return Boosie’s account despite subjecting him to the process of getting his account back and then going MIA on him!

But probably involving money may add a twist to the entire drama if the company were to take the offer seriously and decided they were staying clear of returning the account based on protecting their integrity!

But all in all we hope Boosie will get his account back and someway that he will ensure it’s never taken from him again.

Meanwhile you can follow him on his new IG account; @newboosieig

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