6ix9ine has been moved from his location due to the address leaking online.

This happened after the rapper shared a video clip from the outside of what was believed to have been his residence. In the video, he stands on a deck a boasting and bragging about his wealth, jewellery and status.

But while at it, a star stricken girl spotted him from her house and went on to share the address online while ecstatically revealing the joy of living with him as a neighbour.

Police are said to have quickly swung into action and have moved the rapper out into a much safer location that is not easy to quickly find.

Also reports we are getting is that unmarked cars with unknown people had already been spotted around the area after the address leaked.

Is 6ix9ine the most marked man in the streets or what! And do you think he will ever have a normal life despite his comeback success out in the open?

Comment down below and let us know your perspective of things.

It’s only been a day since he released Gooba with much success, went back live on social media with much success and now just like before trouble has set upon the rapper.

6ix9ine who is normally not bothered by what is happening around him, must now live up to he occasion and ensure that his security is his top priority according to insiders we spoke to!

He is too exposed and makes his security uncomfortable. As we reported, they demanded for a raise sighting increased risks and he agreed but now are said to be worried for some of the moves he makes against their advice putting the whole team and family he is living with in danger.

He is said to be incredibly hard headed and dealing with him the insider said is like dealing with a 5 year old as he will do exactly what you telling him not to.

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