As the world continues to celebrate Black Panther after his sad passing, we are starting to get more details surrounding the plans around his send off!

Our little birdie tells us that the family is still in discussions about what the actual sendoff might look like but we are told since it was an expected death, there were plans already set up and have been triggered except since the world response to his death, the family has been forced to look at how to give Chadwick a sendoff befitting his status!

We are informed the family is in talks with Marvel studios for a memorial service that will be televised but details are scanty at this time.

It is clear though one thing; Black Panther according to our sources maybe the first superhero to be buried donning his full suit!

The Black Panther suit which has become synonymous with Chadwick Boseman after his exemplary execution of the character is said to have been floated around as an idea that the star should be adorned in his full black suit for his final send off!

It is not yet agreed upon, but our little birdie also tells us that the star could be presented to fans to pay their last respects adorned in the same suit.

In other news related to the legend, Twitter has declared the tweet that announced his demise, the most liked tweet ever on their platform.

Let us know what you think on the comments below. Do you think this would be the ultimate respect for the Wakanda king and son if it were to be cleared and agreed upon?

We will keep you posted as we get more information.

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