There are arguably two types of people in this world, those with a zero count in their inboxes, and those with thousands of unread emails.

Hollywood star Chris Pratt appears to fall into the latter, after revealing on his Instagram Stories that he has a staggering 35,944 unopened emails in his inbox – a figure that is said to have made his seven-year-old son Jack ‘gasp’.

However, after vowing to declutter his messages, the Jurassic World star ended up accidentally deleting his entire inbox, losing over 51,000 e-mails in the process.

‘Trying not to panic!’ Chris, 40, told fans, before sighing it away saying: ‘Fresh start!’

It all started when his son Jack was playing with his phone and ‘gasped in shock’ when he saw that his father had over 35,000 emails that were unread.

‘I get it! I know. It’s mostly junk, see what I do is I sign up for everything,’ he explained. ‘I’m one of those idiots who will do like an IQ test [online] that requires putting in your e-mail address.’

Chris then apologized to anyone that he hasn’t gotten back to yet, as he is currently feeling ‘spaced’ but has pledged that he is going to get the number back down to zero by doing a 1,000 emails a day over the next month.

However, now it seems that he won’t have that problem after cutting his inbox down to zero.

Earlier this year, lifestyle guru Merlin Mann, walked back on his concept of inbox zero being something to strive to.

Speaking to Wired, Mann admitted about not deleting or checking every e-mail: ‘You realize, I didn’t even see this email and somehow the world kept spinning.

Adding: ‘I’m not saying you should do that every day. But I’m saying remember that feeling.’

Meanwhile, the Guardians of the Galaxy star shares his son Jack with ex-wife Anna Faris, 43, whom he split with in 2018, though the pair have remained friends.

He is now expecting his second child with wife Katherine Schwarzenegger, 30.

Since going into lockdown, Chris has been very active on his social media, getting involved in charity initiatives to help those struggling amid the current pandemic.

The actor is taking part in the All In Challenge that provides food for children, the elderly and frontline workers.

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