Following FBG Duck’s fatal shooting, one of the late rapper’s rivals has decided to release the music video to a song predicting the tragic news that was received earlier this week.

600Breezy released the music video to his latest track, “Stop Playin,” the day after FBG Duck’s death.

The song and music video was recorded before the drive-by shooting that took FBG Duck’s life, as evidenced by a string of Instagram posts between July 25-28 that show 600Breezy in the same outfit as the music video.

Though 600Breezy doesn’t mention FBG Duck’s name, the line in the song that has gained the most attention is when he raps;

“Them n***** dead on that f***** block/You fat b****, them diss songs gonna get you f***** shot/You took a few already, next time ya b**** a** in the f***** box.”

The “Stop Playin” record may further the theory that FBG Duck’s diss songs may have led to murder.

As the police are still looking for a suspect and motive, they have not ruled out FBG Duck’s diss record to deceased rivals.

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