Drake is done with Dj Khaled hitting his phone all the time asking for favors and after everything he has done with him he is still asking for more!

Drake made a compilation of all the times Dj Khaled was on his phone talking about their new song which was just released ‘Popstar’ and says this guy was just hitting is phone non-stop continuously it didn’t matter if he was actually responding to him or not!

Drake even makes fun of Dj Khaled’s voice when he says ‘another one’ while addressing the fact that this was getting too much!

Now I don’t know if this serious or just on a lighter note but whatever note it is at, Drake is fed up with Khaled and he made sure to make that point in the best way he knows how!

The creativity of putting the videos together is also crazy! So check it out below and let us know what you think on the comments down below.

Also check out Popstar which they ended up using Justin Bieber with his manager Scooter because apparently due to Covid-19 lockdowns, Drake could not make it to the shoot and neither could Khaled and so something had to give!

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