Dua Lipa has applied to have her name trademarked across the globe.

The 24-year-old singer has reportedly filed paperwork to register her name as a brand, giving her the potential to release Dua Lipa branded items including clothes and cosmetics, as well as computer games, books, jewellery, and even kitchen utensils.

A source told MM: “Dua knows she is in high demand right now and can make a fortune.

“She could launch all sorts of money-spinning side ventures but it’s about picking the right things. She has an image to protect so won’t be doing anything which is too much of a blatant money-grabbing project.”

Lawyers for the ‘Physical’ hitmaker have also filed applications to protect her name and brand in the US and Canada, Europe, Australia, Israel and the Far East.

The documents – which have not yet been signed off by a judge – will stop others profiting from her name and will stay in place for ten years before they need to be resubmitted.

Meanwhile, Dua recently revealed she plans to slow down and not live life so fast in the future, after realising the joys of taking a break whilst in lockdown amid the coronavirus pandemic.

She said: “I think it’s taught me at least that we don’t need to live life so fast. For me, it was always like, ‘OK, what’s next? Where do I have to go? Where am I travelling to? What show is coming up? What do I have to rehearse for?’ All that kind of stuff. And this has really taught me that things maybe aren’t as urgent as they seem and that we can create really meaningful, special moments as well from home.”

Dua has been self-isolating with her boyfriend Anwar Hadid, and said the pair have been passing the time at home in London by watching a lot of TV and movies.

She said: “I’ve watched so many shows – ‘Ozark’, ‘Tiger King’, ‘The Night Of’, ‘The Outsider, Servant’, did I say ‘Ozark’? And lots of movies, too. I love to make lists, and normally it would be, like, lists of restaurants and places to go and stuff to do with friends, whereas now it’s movie lists, and series lists.”

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