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Fans Want Will Smith To Leave Jada Pinkett Smith Tell Him She Belongs To The Street

Will Smith has been honoured by many for his unmatched strength in supporting his wife through a scandal that is earth shaking!

For a while now there had been rumoured extra marital relations between Jada his wife and August Alsina which had been swept under the carpet not once or twice.

Later on August himself began talking about the relationship with Jada but still it was somehow thrown under the carpet and forgotten.

But following his health challenges and what he called mind slavery which he wanted to be free of, August never let the story die and after his interview with Angela where he candidly shared the story about the relationship once again, something had to give.

Now Jada announced that she was calling herself to her famous show round table talk where she would address the said rumours and also find healing according to her.

Well when she finally came to the table, she had Will on toe and when they sat down for the chat, it was needless to say candid and open and also raw.

Jada went on to confirm that yes the relationship happened and gave the grounds for it and also revealed that it went down when her and Will had separated.

Now you would believe everyone would accept that explanation plus the entanglement and move forward because this is no one’s business right? Wrong! Fans don’t think like that!

Since the red table talk episode, things have taken such a turn with people trolling Will Smith for entertaining such behaviour around him!

Many have compared his house to Epstein’s but where in this case it is him who is the victim around a wife behaving badly.

While other fans wondered why it was only Will who was expressing his love for Jada even at this point where she was confirming her extra marital relations with August and she did not even once say she loved him!

But it would be the advice to leave Jada that caught out eye as thousands streamed into Will Smith’s IG page to ask him to exit his marriage.

Many gave him the advice that Jada belongs to the streets and that Will should never have to entertain her anymore.

Many say that it looked like Will had been crying for a long time and that he was really hurting as his eyes told a story.

Well those were just some of the reactions we caught while going through what the fans had to say.

Check out the video below for more and let us know what you think on the comments below.

Should Will leave or stay?

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