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Internet Thinks Talib Kweli Smashed Sara Jay And Are Giving Him Sh!t About It

Talib Kweli has a pretty bad relationship with social media.

While his strange relationship with Twitter and Instagram began a while ago, the rapper seemingly kicked off a downward spiral recently by engaging in a heated feud with a Black woman, accusing her of being colorist.

That had people dragging him for two weeks and now, his name is involved in a doublet of other allegations.

For starters, people are saying that he’s got a baby by a side chick, which is certainly not the kind of talk you want to be seeing about yourself online.

Though the rumors are unconfirmed, that didn’t stop people from spreading even further theories about Talib, claiming that he hooked up with porn star Sara Jay.

Well-known adult film star Sara Jay was trending on Twitter and it’s not because people were enjoying her latest flick. People were spreading a theory that Talib Kweli has been intimate with Jay.

“All Talib Kweli stupid ass had to do was nothing. Lmfao literally nothing. Now we all know you’re separated, got a kid with a side chick, and fucked SaraJay in a 2 week period,” wrote one person on Twitter.

Unfortunately, Talib is off the social network so he won’t be able to see the chatter about himself and Sara Jay.

All of this just further digs a hole for Talib to try and get out of. What do you make of this?

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