John Boyega received a “talking to” from his mum after she found out about his secret chest tattoo on Tuesday night.

The Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker actor took to Twitter to reveal he was “shook” after getting a message to call his mother Abigail about the inking.

“Been hiding my chest tattoo from my mum. She just asked me to call her. I’m shooooooookk!!” he wrote.

Sharing a GIF of a nervous Kermit the Frog, John added, “Nah why am I hearing that Jumanji drumming!” – referring to the ominous drumming that occurs in the film Jumanji right before something terrible happens.

He also posted a meme of a reptile that looked like it was laughing, and wrote alongside it: “My sisters right now.”

As John’s fans anxiously awaited the outcome of the call, he returned to the social media site around 10 minutes later, and tweeted: “Nah the talking to I just got….. she asked if I’m trying to be like DAVI BECKAM (sic)… David Beckham tatts are a no no for a Christian Nigerian mum with tribal marks bro.”

He then added that his dad Samson, who apparently knew about the tattoo, hadn’t said anything to his mum, and noted the situation ended with something of a “plot twist” when his sister revealed she was also planning on getting an inking.

“Wait wait wait!!!Plot twist!!!! My mum called my sister to share intel and my sis Grace said, ‘I’m getting one too,'” the 28-year-old wrote, before sharing a meme of the two Malcolm in the Middle brothers sinking to the bottom of a swimming pool.

“Me and my sister right now it was nice knowing you all. Have a good night. I actually gotta handle this byeeee,” he added alongside the hilarious clip.

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