As actively visible as Kim Kardashian and her family are about their personal lives, she and husband Kanye West reportedly have a bone to pick with their ex-bodyguard.

Recently, Steve Stanulis was a guest on the Hollywood Raw podcast where he talked about his time working as security for the famous couple.

Stanulis spoke openly about their “ridiculous rules” that included how far he was to walk behind them on the street and not getting in the way of paparazzi photos.

TMZ reports that Stanulis has been sent a cease and desist letter from Kanye West and Kim Kardashian where the couple claims that the bodyguard signed a confidentiality agreement back in 2016.

According to the agreement, Stanulis isn’t allowed to speak about the family’s personal business, and if he does so again, he’s looking at a $10 million lawsuit.

Apparently, Stanulis was hit with a similar threat back in May 2016, but at that time they told him to not speak about the family and to issue a public apology.

Stanulis’s publicist told TMZ that he didn’t breach the aforementioned contract.

“My client went on a podcast to promote his new film, and old stories that were already out there were brought up,” he said. “For Kanye and Kim’s counsel to send out a threatening letter to bully my client against his rights is unwarranted. My client has already made it clear that he respects Kanye, their time working together. If Kanye and Kim wish to continue this further, that is up to them, but I think their time and money would be better suited helping out with more pressing matters in our society than what happened many years ago.”

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