After having to postpone her first tour in over a decade, Mandy Moore fondly reminisced over her time opening for the Backstreet Boys to Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday.

While appearing remotely on the late-night talk show, the 36-year-old actress looked eager to flaunt her 1999 tour memorabilia, which included a polaroid with the boy band and a tour badge, which displayed a picture of her at 15.

‘I heard you’ve been going through some of your old stuff, and of course, you started as a kid singing pop songs,’ the late-night host began, before the singer gathered her ‘fun stuff’ from the Millennium tour.

‘I found my tour badge, like my little lanyard, that I had to wear everywhere! There’s a picture of me when I’m 15!’ she exclaimed, while explaining that it was also attached to her meal pass.

She added: ‘That was a current picture of me, with my little blonde hair.’ The Emmy-winning host made her laugh, after he joked it looked ‘like an Amber Alert.’

After bursting out in laughter, the two-time SAG award winner shared a glimpse of herself posing between the I Want It That Way hitmakers, who were all suited up in protective gear.

While she simply wore a pink tank top and black leather pants, Moore explained their harnesses were required for their flying sequence.

‘They started the show by flying in, so they’re wearing sort of… I don’t know, spacesuits?’ she noted, before agreeing with Kimmel they resembled a SWAT team.

She then picked up an unauthorized biography that displayed her on the cover and was full of interesting facts, which she claims are hilariously untrue.

‘It’s an actual book that was for sale for $12.95 that someone wrote without me knowing about it,’ she said. ‘But it has lots of fun facts. Like, this page here is ’10 Things We Love About Mandy,’ and the very first fact is ‘Mandy is proud of her big feet.”

She clarified: ‘I do have a size 10 foot, but I’m not proud of it!’

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