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Michael Blackson Slid Into August Alsina’s DMs Asking About Jada Smith Who August Says Had Pu**y Whipped Him

Got respect truth seekers as they do half the work for us and if there is one man who has gone out of his way to find the truth it’s MB.

Michael Blackson almost broke the internet with his DM interaction with Will Smith after he posted Will blocked him after he told him that he thought August ate Jada’s a$$ loooooool!

well if you thought he was done then not by a mile for today he revealed that he also slid into August Alsina’s DMs and had a conversation with him!

He basically wanted to know why a man like him would be willing to air his dirt in public like that! Well August seems unbothered and explained that he was hurt and pu**y whipped!

Michael tried to get him to admit that he was looking to sell his album hence instigating all the drama!

Well August refused that line of thought and told Michael he was in an actual entagleship with Jada a combination of relationship and entanglement!

check out their conversation below and let us know what you make of it on the comments below.

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