Billionaire businessman Vladislav Doronin has filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against ex-girlfriend Naomi Campbell.

In court documents seen by MM, Doronin who dated Campbell from 2008-2013 alleges that his supermodel ex is refusing to pay back a sum he loaned her over the years, though the exact amount remains unclear.

He also claims she’s still holding on to some unspecified belongings of his, worth more than $3 million.

Doronin earned his fortune as an international real estate developer and is the owner and chairman of Aman Resorts.

While they were dating, he frequently treated Campbell as one does to yacht trips and getaways to his private home on Cleopatra Island in Turkey.

It was recently revealed that another man from Campbell’s past — alleged “fling” Mike Tyson — may have pushed the runway diva out of his vehicle.

“I think Mike pushed you out of a moving car one night … I think you gave somebody your number and he lost his head,” comedian Chris Rock told Campbell during a YouTube chat.

Campbell quipped: “You sure it wasn’t me that pushed him? That’s if I even got in the car with him … It’s a good thing we’re all grown-ups today and we’re family … It’s nice to see him blossom.”

She added, “Those were fun times in New York … can never go back to those.”

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