50 Cent Send Some Gifts From Power To Snoop Dogg

Rapper 50 Cent send some gifts from Power to Snoop Dogg. It is no secret that Snoop is a great fan of Power. Everytime Power comes on, Snoop faithfully posts a video of himself showing that he is watching the number one show everywhere.

Well the owner, producer and the mind behind Power has been taking note of the rapper’s shenanigans and he wanted to appreciate him. So he send him some of the evidence caught out of the Truth club, a book from power with a bullet hole among other things.

Snoop could not hide his joy and took to video to thank the man Fif himself. 

50 Cent on his part said that on the West side Snoop is the man! Clarifying that he is not gonna front he still is listening to that Doggy style Album to date!

@snoopdogg is the man on the West, I’m not gonna front I’m still listening to that Doggy style Album when I go running. Classic shit front to back. 🍾#lecheminduroi

Watch the video below to see Snoop going through the gift bag.

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