Sat. Feb 23rd, 2019

After Spotting Them In A Restaurant Not Talking To Each Other Drake And Nicki Minaj Have Unfollowed Each Other

We reported to you earlier on that our team received a tip of a sighting of Nicki Minaj and Drake in one restaurant but not talking to each other and both sitting in different tables away from each other.

Well now we are getting reports from the internet that the two rap stars have unfollowed each other on IG! Clearly something is not sitting right with the two at this point!

The two have Young Money, and Lil Wayne to thank for their quickest rise in the game to ever be recorded since Yeezy brought them into his fold. With that in mind, they have always been like classmates, always enjoying best of moments together and best of times together.

While Drake was boasting accolades such as collaborating with Eminem and Jay-Z during the early stages of his career, Minaj was blessed with a judges chair on American Idol.

It was Drake who first revealed things were taking a turn south when on “Tuscan Leather” he infamously rapped;

“Not even talkin’ to Nicki, communication is breaking.”

Speculations have it that this was instigated by Drake making up with another nemesis in the game, Meek Mill who used to be Nicki’s girl back in the day and now she might be feeling betrayed by her label mate!

The two friends turned enemies, turned friends again, pushed their beef aside and collaborated for the song “Going Bad.”Β  Cardi B is also featured on Meek’s new album, which many believe didn’t go over well with Nicki.

Check out the two in one restaurant as we caught em and are not talking to each other and as a matter of fact sitting as far from each other as possible.

That’s the curse of the industry! You make up one friendship, you straight up break another! And life goes on!

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