Sat. Feb 23rd, 2019

Chief Keef 43 Year Old Baby Mama Takes Him To Court Over Failure To Pay Child Support

Since coming home from jail, Chief Keef has worked to maintain a low profile life and no longer expresses himself in public especially online like he used to do before because he understood the concept of “FEDs are watching!”

However no matter how hard he works to go private, his baby mama comes at him from time to time trying wash their dirty linen in public.

Erica Early who has a daughter with the rapper has made a request in court for a judge to send Sosa to jail over unpaid child support.

According to reports we are getting, Early filed a lawsuit in court in paternity case against Chief Keef in November and according to the documents seen by MM, the baby mama demands the judge put the rapper behind bars for allegedly failing to pay child support payments.

She didn’t reveal how much Keef owes her, but she claims that he hasn’t been fulfilling his parental duties.

The 43-year-old mother of Keef’s child sued him for paternity and child support immediately after their daughter, Kimora Cozart, was born.

In court orders then, the rapper was ordered to pay $2,500 a month in child support which he ended up not paying, then a warrant was issued for him on which he was arrested in 2014.

The bond was set at $10k, but he later paid off the amount owed anyway and the case was dropped. It is then in the precipice of this case that Early has again gone back to court demanding the judge come to her aid because it has happened again!

A date for the hearing has been set to December 14th which is when the judge will decide on whether Chief Keef gets sent to prison or not. Keef has yet to respond to Early’s claims.

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