Thu. Mar 21st, 2019

Court Grants XxxTentacion Murder Suspect $15K To Hire Forensic Expert

After XXXTentacion tragically lost his life in June last year in the hands of a violent gang that left him with bullets in his neck ultimately leading to the icon dying the most cruel way possible.

He was killed in his car after leaving a motorsports store in what is believed to have been a robbery gone wrong. The police arrested a couple of suspects who have since been presented to court and their cases are underway charged of murder!

Last month, we reported that Dedrick Williams one of the suspects, was asking for $15K from government so he could hire a forensic expert to testify in his defence.

According to new court documents seen by MM, Williams has been given permission from the court and will now access this professional help he wanted.

The documentation indicated that; one of the men accused of killing XXXTentacion has been granted permission to consult with a forensic expert, which will effectively buy him 100 hours to work on his case.

Williams was not able to pay for the expert himself, explaining that he had no money and no income, which is why he asked the court for help.

Williams’ lawyer was adamant that he should be allowed access to an expert, noting that he would not be given a fair shot otherwise.

According to him, a “genuine issue exists related to this case, which will require the assistance of an expert witness in the field of crime scene reconstruction and other forensic evidentiary matters.”

Williams has been actively working with experts in different areas to try and present the best defence possible to get himself free. Last year, he hired a private investigator, an electronic evidence expert and a gang expert.

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