Sat. Feb 23rd, 2019

Hiphop’s Black Widow Celina Powell Exposes Rapper Snoop Dogg Over Cheating Scandal

Hiphop black widow Celina Powell exposes rapper Snoop Dogg over cheating scandal. The lady in question is the same lady who took internet on a ride over false claims that she was pregnant for Offset and had begotten him a son.

She eventually confessed to lying about the whole situation and only wanted to wreck Offset’s relationship with Cardi B.

Fast forward and the Instagram model is back with this major claim of Snoop Dogg having cheated on his wife with her and she has evidence to prove! But here is the problem! 

Even during that other case of Offset, she also had evidence, even with a certified DNA result for that matter! But the only thing they were certified in the end was FAKE!

Now she is providing another set of evidence regarding Snoop Dogg including videos. So Watch the video below and you decide on whether to trust her or not! Everyone in our MM team is skeptical.

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