Sat. Feb 23rd, 2019

Ice Cube Excited At The Prospect Lamar Odom Might Be Joining Big 3 For Season 3

Ice Cube may see his dream come to pass if Lamar Odom happens to step on the court for season 3 of big 3.

The rap star turned Basketball mogul shared his hope and wait in bated breath as he reposted Lamar message. He however noted there is a catch though if the ex-Laker wants to make it in the BIG3.

“He’s still gotta try out like everybody else.”

Yep you heard that right! There is no special treatment for any player. Everyone is gotta prove themselves in the trials. But am sure the trials are mostly for show and Lamar already in if he is good for it.

Cube noted to us that a video he saw recently of Odom on the court and in the gym was promising and he’s hopeful Lamar can make a squad.

Cube would not finish however without poking holes to Odom’s training noting that Odom was training in a gym without elite players trying to shut him down and the game is A LOT different when there’s a defense on the court.

He finished by giving Odom a little bit of tips “Get healthy, get in shape and get to the combine!”

Let us know on the comments below if you are keen to see Lamar play again.

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