Thu. Mar 21st, 2019

Jaden Smith Spotted With A New Girl As He Clarifies His Girlfriend Stays In Paris But Then There Is Tyler

After trying to pin Tyler, The Creator to a relationship as his boyfriend to which Tyler skipped and explained that he loved thick black you know what, Jaden appears to have lost his fight and was caught on camera with a unidentified girl who appears to be loving every moment with the rap star.

In a paparazzi video Jaden confirmed once again his relationship with Tyler, The Creator. The hollywood archin had initially announced their coupledom on Camp Flog Gnaw stage.

Weeks have passed and the artist is still running with it, meaning that he’s either an insanely dedicated troll or they’re actually together.

Jaden’s appearance with a new woman likely points to the former as the two got pretty close in photos snapped this week.

The rap star who has been releasing a few music videos to promote his new album, which many believe he’s been hyping up by advertising his relationship with Tyler.

At this point, it’s confusing to follow Jaden’s romantic situation. But hopefully he finds himself and finds where he belongs sooner than later because the confusion will cause other issues.

But to add more drama to the drama, Jaden commented on the picture below and revealed that his real girlfriend lives in Paris! So now there is Tyler, there is this girl and there is another in Paris.

His famous family continues to stay silent as the star’s romantic life drama continues to unfold.

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