Sat. Feb 23rd, 2019

Migos Mics Got Cut Off In Atlanta Last Night Forcing The Trio To Exit Stage

Drake was in Atlanta yesterday where he brought the Aubrey & the three Migos tour and performed his best pieces.

The hip hop heavyweight brought many acts on stage with the highlight on Lil Baby who did amazing after Drake brought him out.

However when the co-headliners Migos took stage, not everything went smoothly.

The rappers performed their best while the crowds went crazy however it appeared somebody in production was dying to show them who the boss was.

This led to their mics being cut-off to their shock living them bewildered and standing around the stage confused what was going on.

It appeared no one was coming to their rescue and so they exited the stage disgracefully while fans cried out in shock over what happening in front of their eyes.

When MM reached out to Drake and his team to find out what could have possibly gone wrong, there was no comment back. Migos team on their part said they have chosen not to comment on the situation until they get more information on what may have gone wrong.

Checkout the moment the mics were cut-off for Migos below and the reactions of their fans below. Let us know what you think on the comments down below because the juice is dripper.

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