Nicki Minaj released her new album Queen just the other day and it is not the only trending as of today for her new beef is after she lashed out at Dj Self over what she calls snake moves on his side!

The rapper who is currently doing her promo run for the 4th studio album which dropped last Friday ahead of schedule is not here for any dramas and is not sparing anyone coming at her!

On Monday, before Nicki’s appearance on Stephen Colbert aired, she decided to partake in an iHeart Radio interview with Power 105’s DJ Self, and things quickly went South after Nicki says the acclaimed Dj wanted to get her to spread rumours about Cardi B.

Apparently, DJ Self was talking shit about Cardi B to Nicki Minaj, hoping that would make Nicki f with him, but instead his plan backfired.

And when Nicki left the station, Self reneged on what he told Nicki and then started dissing Nicki, saying Cardi had the best female album of the year.

Nicki then jumped on Twitter & went off on Self, saying he was pissed she wouldn’t do a drop or give him a hug, before going on to call Self a “bitter hoe”, who’s VH1 show sucks dick.

The Dj has also defended himself and according to him, Nicki Minaj is only looking for drama to drive traffic so she can sell her album. He says Nicki got pissed with him after she found out he is friends with Safaree and Dreamdoll. 

Well there you have it i never asked for a Hug or a drop truth is i said Hi she said hi back never knew she had an Issue with me we only speak when she has a project dropping so by that. So you really mad who got the best female album out now talk to me.

Nicki though clapped back at the Dj real quick promising to tackle the whole drama on queen radio this Thursday.

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