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Rapper IzohFresh Opens Up About His Hip hop Journey To Maybach

IzohFresh is one hell of an underground M.C., hip hop head who is working on his career and already has 9 different projects out as you will see below. We had a sit down with him after catching his wave and to be honest he is working hard out here something that always inspires. You can trust MM to always dive in and bring you the best shinning stars.

Rappers on the come up always have the strongest energy period and engaging with them gives you a picture of how hip hop has influenced generations and how it’s perception continues to build visions, dreams covered in music beats and drums!

Talking to IzohFresh gives you a perspective of a how it is for an underground rapper on the real; we found him authentic, genuine and open; a recipe best for success in the music industry. He is at a place where he is waiting for it to all blow up and so here is how the interview went;

IzohFresh, welcome to Maybach Media, whatsup, how are you doing brother?

IzohFresh: Hey man thanks for having me, this is definitely a first! Im doing great, looking for a new job, writing new songs and just staying out of trouble.

Now I am just getting to know you but would you like to introduce yourself to the rest of the world? What is your name and where do you come from?

IzohFresh: Well my actual name is Sergio Orlando Perez Jr, I was born in Downtown Los Angeles 1992, was raised in Echo Park til I was 3 then moved to Highland Park in 1995 been here ever since. My mother raised me alone, my “biological father” was deported to El Salvador I’m half that and mexican.

How long have you been doing music?

IzohFresh: I’ve been writing lyrics since 2008 with friends of mine, and once I enrolled into the LA Film School of Recording Arts in Hollywood in 2012 I’ve taken it way more serious. I know how to record, edit, mix, master music and have even helped produce and engineer music for my friends. I also film videos and edit them.

How was it like growing up in your house? Was everyone into hip hop?

IzohFresh: My mother was into the Hiphop/Rap scene since before my birth listening to disco as well, so its always been in my blood. Basically her and my uncles would listen to 2Pac, Dr.Dre, Eazy-E, DJ Quik, Too $hort and way more. So during my middle school years I started using tape recorders to save my favorite songs from the radio then go back and pause/play songs to write the lyrics in countless notebooks. Just took me a while to find my own styles to express my wits.

Who introduced you to Hip hop?

IzohFresh: Yeah so besides my mom introducing me to it I’ve had friends and family always showing me rappers and albums that they liked and I practically absorbed all that knowledge and sort of embodied it if I say so myself.

What kind of a kid were you?

IzohFresh: I was a mix of being naive, humble, and obedient besides a few occasions haha. Ive always had that positive mindstate of knowing right from wrong and hoping to make the best decisions no matter what. I was most notably competitive from sports to games to music.

Where did you school?

IzohFresh: I went to school at Buchanan Elementary ’03, Luther Burbank Middle School ’06, and Benjamin Franklin High School ’10. Averaging an B or A mostly. But before senior year I was going thru problems with my family whether it was my fault or not and once I became 18 I dropped out. After dropping out I lived with my Nana in San Pascual and received my Diploma months later after completing 2 adult school classes and passing my GED test.

So when did you know like you were into music? At what point in time?

IzohFresh: Pretty much ever since I was born I’ve bobbed my head to drums and snares, the bass always cheered me up since a youth.

When did you hit the streets?

IzohFresh: I started my 9 album catalogue back in 2013, and over time made all my own music with the help of producers and free beats on youtube.

It’s not easy on the streets and listening to your music you talk about some of the things you have gone through even loosing someone close to you; would you like to talk about that a little bit?

IzohFresh: So there have been several friends that I lost shortly after seeing them for the last times. My best friend Adrian Winterhawk Shije who was from my krew “MLA” (we called him Jawa) he got killed by people I could have kept him away from if we hadnt gone thru a fall out weeks prior to his death. He was shot 3 times apparently and I didnt know until my mother texted me, whats even worst is my brother was his best friend before me since they were the same age (about 5 years younger than me) and Jawa was killed on my brother Chance’s birthdate. Other friends my community and I have lost are KMS RESET, GDK EKEH, PHYTS 1, and my other friend Ali. I play back memories and miss how times were.

You have 9 albums! That is what connected us in the first place! Mehn when do you sleep?

IzohFresh: Hahahah good one, sorry about our first convo I shouldn’t be a jerk like that, but thank you for reaching out after all its all about humanity right?!😎 Well I would have a lot more music if someone didn’t steal my macbook pro a couple years ago that was my secret weapon! Always used Logic Pro 9! I get more sleep now but I still have music that needs to be made.

Of course you are putting in a lot of work? What would you say about your work ethic?

IzohFresh: Consitency and persistance along with focus helps me with everything. Effort comes naturally with me and when it comes to music I have steps that help me finish songs quicker but at a high quality caliber. Record hook, copy paste hooks to where they go. Adlibs next. Verses. Adlibs. Mixing. Editing room noise. Mix and master.

Do you produce your own music?

IzohFresh: Sometimes I do, but I’m for focused on lyrics and the picture I paint.

Listening to your music, I got that feeling of a street niggah cred! The real hip hop head! Like it’s either hip hop or nothing, is that the case?

IzohFresh: Aw hell yeah u know bro! Its funny because my girl likes country music and when she blasts it u can believe I’m putting my earphones on and hearing something else lol. I write my experiences and visions. Theres no fiction besides my metaphors.

What do you think then of these other commercial rappers out here?

IzohFresh: I feel like most commercial rappers would sound foolish when u subtract the beats, meaning their acapellas are trash besides a few who are actually wordsmiths. I don’t agree with their morals, the industry has a dark vibe underneath it all that I mostly avoid. Rappers I like of this generation are: Kdot, Cole, Vince, Mac, Gibbs, Xxx. I like Eminem’s new ish its not easy to rap like that. There’s so much pollution tho i don’t like a lot of the new shit its too basic to me flat out plain and simple. Plus remember what Pac said? What are they really saying in their lyrics? No good image for the kids, vulgar language, violence, uneducation, its in plain site.

Would you do commercial rap? Would you sell out?

IzohFresh: I wouldn’t want to sell out but if I ever get a deal I will make sure it aint a set up.

Are you signed?

IzohFresh: I was recently offered a deal, but I need to talk in person with that group soon, hopefully something falls thru becausw I heard they dig my music.

Do you plan to ever get signed?

IzohFresh: If it can be negotiated and I wont be shelved I might consider.

Good stuff. Let’s talk about your personal life a little bit; you talk about your mother, she taught you to save your money; how close is your relationship with your mother when it comes to your music?

IzohFresh: My mom absolutely adores my music besides the cussing lol shes against that part. My dad is a GM for Staples in West Hollywood so I’ve been blessed with amazing parents.

What are your dreams men? Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

IzohFresh: Hopefully performing, financially stable, still in love, helping support my family as much as they support me decisions. I wanna earn it all man I don’t want it all handed to me, but only Jehovah knows my destiny. One thing for sure is I’ve always felt like I will live a long life.

Strippers or a serious relationship?

IzohFresh: I love my girlfriend, she loves me so we want a bright future for ourselves. I want to provide for her so she wont ever have to be a stripper lol cuz shes so fine.

So what is next from here?

IzohFresh: Looking to be hired by Ross in Glendale, CA, we’ll see how that goes. Also found a local studio today that I emailed so im just wishing for the best.

Last words mehn to anyone listening to you right now;

IzohFresh: Shoutout to everyone working hard for what they get, remember if you’re ever mad or sad there’s a peace of mind waiting for you and people who love you no matter what. The world is a hard place to live in but just do right positive energy will come full circle. Its okay to like any music just don’t recommend anyone idolizing people who have no idea you exist. Stay up from the 90042 North East LA! And go bump my music in some good speakers or headphones, laters.

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