Thu. Mar 21st, 2019

Rapper Lil Gnar Arrested After Akademiks Labelled Him Local Terrorist

Rapper Lil Gnar is a worried man after he got arrested and the police notified him they were investigating him after Dj Akademiks labelled him a local terrorist.

Dj Akademiks had written on his IG page;

Local terrorist and part time rapper.. #lilgnar got his handy dandy rocket launcher on him. Safe to say nobody want no smoke with him

This apparently led the feds getting interested in the rapper who had posed with a rocket launcher.

His management team through his IG page said the rapper was currently being held and questioned for unknown charges stemming from false accusations his brand gnarcotic distributes weapons online which they say is not true.

They continued to explain that his website link had been blocked. They noted they were trying to fix that and that his expected new single and some merch was still going to be released even if he will still be locked up.

gnar is currently being held and questioned for unknown charges stemming from the FALSE accusations his brand gnarcotic distributes weapons online which is 100% false. because of this the website link has also been banned from all instagram comments and bios. we are trying to fix this immediately he had a music video and clothing release scheduled for this week. when i spoke with him he told me those should still happen. he seemed very unphased by the situation at hand as he hasn’t broken any laws in anyway. he said this is a misunderstanding and he should be home very shortly. #FreeGnar #FREEGNARCOTIC -management

The rapper says the police notified him that they picked up interest in him after they saw a posting referring to him as ‘local terrorist’!

Now the only page that had earlier on referred to the rapper as such was Akademiks page. The rapper says all the situations he finds himself in stem from there.

Lil Gnar sought to defend himself clarifying;

I am in no way a terrorist or associated with any negative or terror organizations. It’s a shame I even have to clarify this. It should be common sense.

MM could not independently access any information or confirm the charges levelled against Lil Gnar.

MM has reached out to Akademiks for a comment.

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