Rapper YG Celebrates Tekashi 6ix9ine Predicament That He May Be Locked Up For 3 Years Tells Him He Will Get Sucked

Since Tekashi 69 came at rapper YG over his new project Stay Dangerous and called it a flop saying it was only going to do his mixtape numbers, you would imagine YG has not been very happy.

The two have been going on a back and forth with the last instalment we reported on the beef being YG telling 69 he can’t wait until they meet and throw some hands. Open promise anything could go down when the two meet.

However Tekashi 69 had a court date yesterday and the prosecution in his case where he is accused of some gross misconduct and sexual offences with a minor submitted that they wanted him to serve 1 – 3 years in jail over his failure to keep an agreement they reached before.

The rapper is said to have flowed the terms of his reached plea deal after he pleaded guilty to one count of use of a child in a sexual performance. The prosecution is said to be angry with the rapper over his beefs online and recent arrests.

Along with the said above situations, the D.A. wants him registered as a sex offender and even though Tekashi 69 has claimed he was a minor when the entire fiasco went down, officials are adamant he should be sentenced as an adult for the crime and accept the consequences of that conviction which include registration under the sexual offender registration Act.

The letter written to the judge in part read;

Defendant has had over two years to demonstrate to this court that the role he played in the sexual exploitation of a thirteen year old child was an aberration in his otherwise law abiding life. He has failed to do so. 

The rapper will be expected back in court for sentencing on the 2nd of Oct. 2018. But YG is not among the many who have wished the rapper all the best in trying to lose himself from this threatening situation to his taking off career in hip hop.

Speaking on the situation the rapper told Tekashi 69;

Lil nasty a** muhfucka now go to jail and get yo dikk sucked pedophile a** child molestor

But Tekashi 69 being the one that never gets defeated responded to the rapper telling him that his predicament still won’t give him a hit. Let us know what you think on the comments down below on this story.

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