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She Is Funky And Sexy; Meet Jody LeyLac The New RnB Sensation

Jody LeyLac is an amazing talent who you can’t put your hand on the first time you see her. She has that strong and beautiful black woman appearance in art of some sort and then she opens her mouth and her voice will take you by storm but there is a catch! The type of music at least the ones we could get our hands on throw every conclusion you had in mind out of the window! She is mellow, with an angel’s voice, and in her No De De new single she has this Carribean look to her.

So at this point we are stuck in fingering this woman in our presence out. So we went out and sought her so we could have a chat with her!

So ladies and gentlemen grab your popcorns and tea and don’t forget your mouse, you know how we do and let’s roll out!

MM: So Jody Leylac thank you for joining us here; describe to us in a few seconds, who is Jody?

In short, Jody Leylac is a creative person who’s chasing her dreams to perform all over the world and go down in history as one of the greats.

MM: Where did you grow up?

I grew up on the beautiful island of Jamaica.

MM: Describe your style to us…

I have a love-hate relationship with clothes, mostly because I’m a beach baby and rather little to no clothes but I think my style is best describes as Funky Sexy Chic. Yup! I just made that up.

MM: When did you start doing music?

I started doing music professionally in 2011 while pursuing my Bachelor’s degree I joined a Funk band and performed around New York. At that time, I was also in the studio working on finding my sound.

MM: How did you discover your musical talent? In a talent search event or just by yourself in your bedroom?

I was told a story once that when I was a baby, the doctor said I’d cry for the first few months because all babies cry but apparently I didn’t stop crying, so I like to think that was when I started honing my voice but, singing wise, I started singing in the church.

MM: Was it difficult to figure out how to write music?

Writing music is like writing poetry to me, and I was always obsessed with poems. I wrote my first poem when I was 7 years old, and I later turned that into a song, so it wasn’t difficult at all, it did, however, take some practice.

MM: Did your family support you from the get go or you had to grow them into loving you?

I think when anyone realizes how serious you are about pursuing your dreams they have no other choice but to either wish you well or ignore everything you’re striving for, my family is no different, I have the support from the ones who know I’ll do whatever I want and whatever it takes and then there are the ones who keep asking when am I going to get a real job.

MM: So you continue to grow; nurturing your talent, what about school?

I recently graduated with a Masters Degree in Communication Arts, I might, one day, go for my Ph.D.

MM: Was it difficult to balance the two?

Time management is key! I make sure that all the homework got done as soon as I was assigned them because I knew I’d be in the studio all night.

MM: Then you finish school then what happens? How do you figure out you want to pursue music as a possible career?

Music was always the main focus, everything else that I did was to make myself well rounded for whatever the music world would throw at me, I made sure I had the knowledge to tackle any situation, and if I didn’t know how to do something, I’d learn how to do it. There was no other career path for me, music is what keeps me alive.

MM: At what point did you move to the U.S?

I was 15 years old when I moved to New York, it was a massive change from the slow, relaxed pace of Jamaica.

MM: So now you are a part of this industry that once you are inside you realise it’s so big and you realise you are so small it’s crazy! How did you cope with that change with trying to make it in the U.S entertainment scene?

I feel tiny in the world in general because it’s a massive world and I love traveling it because I learn so many things, the music industry is only a small part of that world, and I’m here to learn everything and be 100% my raw self.

MM: So obviously fast – forward, and it appears you are now starting to make a buzz for yourself, how has that experience been?

It’s a great experience and one that I’ve been preparing for, for a long time now.

MM: What is your new song about?

No De De is about the rejection of unwanted attention. Far too often women go out to have fun, whether it’s at the club or a bar it never fails when some guy comes up and starts being annoying. I know every woman can relate especially when all we want to do is dance uninterrupted without having to tell that annoying guy to leave us alone.

MM: It talks about you at least for what we could tell promising to give your girl a good time, are you gay?


MM:  How is that experience like?

How is that experience like? Well after the initial shock that people have, the question I’ve been asked the most is WHY? Like I have a choice in who I’m attracted to.

MM: Are you dating though? Who is the lucky one?

No, I’m single.

MM: Who did you work with on this single? The production is epic!

Thank you, I produced and recorded the single and the rest of “This is Forever! E.P.” in my room and then my engineer Obanga mixed it into epicness and Alek mastered it into greatness.

MM: What is next for you Jody? What should we expect from you?

2019 will bring about the release of the full “This is Forever! E.P.” and a tour because I love performing and my goal is to live on the road.

MM: Any collabs? And who do you target to work with or are about to release a song with?

I’d love to collab with FKA Twigs, Kehlani, Rihanna and so many people.

MM: Great. So cool to have a sit-down with you Jody, we are watching you rise and hopefully we chat again soon!

MM: Any last words?

This is only the beginning. Thank you for chatting me!

MM: Cool thank you too and catch you on the next one!

Check out No De De by Jody Ley Lac below and show her some love. You can also get more on Jody and her career right here

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