Thu. Mar 21st, 2019

Tekashi 6ix9ine Has A New Girlfriend And Introduced Her Booty To Dj Akademiks

Yesterday when he stopped at the breakfast club, he accused him of getting salty when he gets cozy with other people! Hours later he hopped into IG live with him and introduced him to his new girlfriend booty…LOL!

Dj Academiks reaction was hilarious later commenting on the intro that he did not believe one word of it. Tekashi 6ix9ine though went on to explain that he was madly in love.

The “STOOPID” rapper’s boo, who goes by Jade, was introduced during a live stream between both entertainers. Everyone’s focus quickly shift to her backside as she turned around to show off her curves.

DJ Akademiks pushed his thirst to the forefront of their dialogue by wondering whether her booty was 100 percent natural. He voiced his concern. The lady indulged the curiosity by turning around one more and adding some flexing to her display.

69 expressed his approval: “There’s movement on that sh*t.”

The little dance wasn’t enough to satisfy DJ’s curiosity. He prodded Tekashi for more details on the woman’s physique. According to him, the only real way to know if a booty is real is through sexual intercourse. He asks 69 his initial question again, within this context:

Tekashi seemed unimpressed by the enthusiasm at this point switching up his tone. DJ Akademiks showed a hint of emotional intelligence when he finally followed up with a question that was related to cake.

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