Sat. Feb 23rd, 2019

The Rock Has A Problem With Kevin Hart Flexing On The Internet Calls Him “Punk”

When the Rock and Kevin Hart met, it was pure chemistry made in Hollywood and take over the world they did in smashing collab efforts on the big screens.

But the two also took over IG giving millions of fans around the globe the best of treats in between their massive shooting sessions that were meant to break Hollywood records.

And with every passing opportunity, the two seek to dig at each other with humour beyond words.

And so yesterday it was the Rock’s turn after he caught Kevin Hart low key flexing on people on IG while pretending he was pointing people to the view he was enjoying in Singapore.

The Rock says Kevin first of all stopped him from using the phone call hand sign back in 2015 but now in a betrayal way is using it while low key flexing his baby muscles.

He went on to call Kevin Punk over it and threw a below the belt shade asking the rapper to stand up when taking such pictures so as not to disappear in them over his height!

Yes he had to bring height into it. Kevin chose to stay quiet and has not responded to the Rock’s claims as yet. But knowing Kevin, you can be sure he is dropping on the Rock all the smoke.

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