Sat. Feb 23rd, 2019

When Your “Christian” Family Won’t RSVP To Your Gay Wedding

Families are supposed to be the safest place we all fall back to, right?

But sometimes they aren’t and that could be because of many reasons and  they may even sometimes leave you more perturbed than anything else!

Religion is one factor many families do not see eye to eye.

For example take a look at Christianity and the bible says Jesus did not come to put things in order but to;

‘Turn ‘A man against his father, a daughter against her mother, a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law.’

And it is mostly by what is contained in that religion and who believes in what in a family! 

And so when Carolina who is openly gay invited her family to her wedding, she was hit with the,

“We love you but we can’t come to your wedding because of our Christian values!”

In her response as you will see below she tried even to remind them of what the bible says about judging others, you know loving others e.t.c to no avail. 

She even reminded them of their own sins but they still won’t change their mind!

So I guess the question is, should religion deter us interacting with gay members of our society and attending  their weddings for example?!

The answer is simple; NO. 

As Christian which is who I am and from what stand point of view I can speak from, there is one integral part of my religion which is more important than what a person identifies as in my community. 

And that is engaging in evangelism. This is where I tell others about Jesus for those who do not know. So in doing this I do it through my actions, showing love, empathising, becoming the example of the ideal life in Jesus and what it means if someone else should take decide to take it up.

And in most cases, many Christians fail in this. They thing attending s gay wedding would make them any lesser a Christian! That living with gays in the community would make them any lesser a Christian! 

Well I look at it this way; if God has given them the opportunity to live, breathe same air as me, exist in the same conditions as me, who am I then down here on earth with very little powers to change anything meaningful in anyone’s life then discriminate on anyone let alone gays.

My role is clear, point them to Jesus and point them to his word but with love, love them so hard they will question their own reality! And from there let them decide their own fate.

At the end of the day it’s up to them still to decide what or who they want to be because it is a right God given and then I have to respect that and ensure they live a quality life like anyone else who has chosen to be anything else.

Then God will decide the rest. And so Christians need to really wake up and stop turning Christianity into a cult, a sect of self appointed righteous meaningless gods and turn to God to show them even through the decision of a person to become Gay, it is still God working on their life.

Check out the conversation between Carolina and her family and let us know what you can add to this story below;

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