Woman Caught On Camera Trying To Blackmail A Man Triggering 15 Police Chase Cars Response

A woman in her late 50s was caught on camera trying to blackmail a man to police causing 15 police cars to show up on the scene and I am willing to bet any kind of money this was not the first time she was doing this!

The woman who appears to be a master of blackmail given she even has a script she runs through makes a phone call to police after stepping in front of a non-moving car then says she has been run over.

She proceeds to pretend to be crying, she is screaming calling for help from the police, trying to harry them up and then adds a twist to it; she tries calling for Mike to come and help!

Just how she does it, is enough to get someone into trouble enough to even serve time in jail and I am also willing to bet any kind of money that based on this new evidence of her in the act somebody is about to walk out of jail who she put there before with her antics.

The woman in question appears to not be aware how videos taken on phone cameras work. She knows she is being video taped but I am not sure she knew how it will end up! Because she does not stop for a second with her act but also tells police somebody is video taping; crowning it over!

The man being blackmailed told us that he had missed the road, got lost but figured out what happened and while trying to back up so he can go catch the right road, that is when the woman showed up.

A confrontation from her ensued, she said she will call the police and the man decided to video tape and the video below was the outcome! The man told us eh finally left and while on his way he was passed by a long chase of police cars; he counted upto 15 cars rushing to the scene!

He told us they legit thought somebody was being run over! He was then stopped 2 miles away and told us the police were calm about the entire situation, he showed them the video and they let him go.

Watch the video below and see how this woman days run upto her finally with her shenanigans!

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