Pro-Trump protesters and racial justice supporters clashed Saturday in Bend at a rally and street cruise that was held in support of the president according to reports.

The events took place at Pilot Butte Neighborhood Park and a man who allegedly took the Trump flag was arrested by Bend police. Bend police confiscated two handguns from a Trump supporter.

A Trump rally was planned for Saturday. Black Lives Matter organizers also announced a counter rally picnic at the Bend park on Saturday.

The Trump rally was originally planned at a different location, but its organizers decided to relocate to the park where the picnic was taking place, wrote Cureton, who was onsite at the events.

Fights broke out between the two sides when someone took a Trump flag from a supporter of President Donald Trump.

People on both sides started trading punches and someone fired mace into the crowd, video posted on social media showed.

Police were then forced to de-arrest a woman they had arrested. Shocking scenes showed the police officers trying to drag the woman on the ground and given her size and weight it became evident that they were not going to hack it!

While they were trying to figure out what to do, the crowds began piling around the woman and trying to get the police to let her go! A commotion ensued and before the police knew it, they were put away from the woman by a circle of the protesters!

The protesters would then dog-pile over the woman ensuring that the police could not get to her! Watch the video below and let us know what you think on the comments down below.

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