A Porsche driver who allegedly filmed a dying policewoman after a horror freeway crash has been hit with another charge and is “ashamed” of what he did, a court has heard.

Mortgage broker Richard Pusey is facing more than a dozen charges in relation to a crash that left four police officers dead on Melbourne’s Eastern Freeway on April 22.

Leading Senior Constable Lynette Taylor, Sen-Constable Kevin King and constables Glen Humphris and Josh Prestney were killed in the crash involving a truck driven by another man.

The 42-year-old broker was slapped with a 16th charge of “possessing an anti-speed measuring device”, the Melbourne Magistrates Court was told on Wednesday.

It comes after text messages revealed at an earlier hearing Mr. Pusey allegedly discussed devices called “blinders”, used to evade police detection.

The driver was allegedly “ashamed” about taking footage of a dying policewoman, so he deleted it, the court was told.

“Mr. Pusey explained that he was ashamed of what was contained on the footage,” barrister Dermot Dann told the Melbourne Magistrates Court on Wednesday. He was ashamed because he’d said horrible things,” Mr. Dann said of his client.

Mr. Pusey allegedly filmed Sen-Constable Taylor as she lay dying on the road and reportedly said:

“Now you’ve f***ed my f***ing car.”

The lawyer argued his client deleted crash footage out of shame and after receiving legal advice. Mr Dann said his client explained this to police in a record of interview.

The accused Porsche driver is facing a charge of destruction of evidence for removing the footage. Mr. Dann argued his client had been “overcharged” and wanted several charges against him withdrawn.

“On any objective basis and as a matter of law, it can be said this man has been seriously overcharged,” Mr. Dann told the court.

A major sticking point remains the offence of “outraging public decency”, which Mr. Pusey’s lawyers claim doesn’t exist in Australia.

They also want charges of failing to render assistance, attempt to pervert the course of justice, destruction of evidence and reckless conduct endangering life struck out.

But prosecutor Robyn Harper said if the Porsche hadn’t been on the road there wouldn’t have been a crash.

“But for the presence of that vehicle there wouldn’t be a collision,” she said.

She argued the existing charges should remain and said the driver had shown footage to a pharmacist and a receptionist, acts that didn’t show “any shame at all”.

Mr. Pusey deleted footage that may have shown the accused truck driver after the crash, removed a phone from the crash site and “intentionally” gave police the wrong phone, she said.

The hearing was delayed for an hour because of technical difficulties.

Magistrate Donna Bakos will decide on what charges will proceed and foreshadowed a bail application for Mr. Pusey could happen next week.

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