Blueface house as always is never lurking in drama!

The rapper took to social media to show how his mother’s day party was going and well to say the least nothing was working.

The rapper revealed a clip of him with camera trained to his baby mama whom he went on to reveal that they don’t talk much but he didn’t mind being in her life and that she was really mad!

Well he then went on to try and prompt her to talk to him before she gave him and expletive and told him she was not going to be talking to him!

Well it is not clear what their fight is all about for now or how long she is staying around the rapper but obviously we will be getting more as this seems to be the beginning in their latest story!

It is just a few days ago that a fight broke out between women that were visiting him in his house to make a video clip for one of his new singles!

And before that late last year there was more drama in that house which ended with Blueface’s sistere holding a knife on her and he ended up kicking out his sister and brother!

Let me know what you think on the comments below. Do you think his brand is being affected by these fights and dramas?

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