It is no secret that rapper Rick Ross has been on a roll and has made a good bag for himself since he broke out into the scene with much success in his rap career!

The star rapper has even been able to live a life many are still working and struggling to achieve. He bought himself an estate and that meant a house that is built on vast amounts of land.

Rick Ross has always kept a low profile despite him having the best of lifestyle and a career that demands that he show his fans his lifestyle.

But that changed after Rick Ross came out from the beginning of this year with more clips at home and willingness to show more of his estate.

Fast forward to today and Rozay took a ride in a copter after demanding that the pilot remove all doors to it and basically the agenda of the simple ride was to show off his vast amounts of land and the beautiful mansion he lives in.

The landscaping is also top notch as he revealed showing he has even put his first letter in his name on the ground just so you don’t get confused who grounds you are standing on in case you went visiting.

The rapper is on a high after he came out on top with a W in the case he had with 50 Cent in court regarding sampling one of his songs which court determined was within fair use.

Check out Rick Ross below show off his investment and let us know what you think on the comments below.

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