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Rose Adam has become the latest Back To Win contestant to leave the MasterChef kitchen, eliminated after tackling a technical dish called Pasta Not Pasta.

Rose, along with her fellow Aqua team mates, arrived at a mysterious location in the suburbs of Melbourne for the latest Pressure Test, completely puzzled as to why they’d arrived at a red brick house.

“We were walking down a street and I was like, ‘Where the hell are we? Where are we going? I don’t understand what’s happening!’” Rose told 10 daily via the phone from her home in Adelaide.

“And then we land in front of this house and I was like, ‘Is this a mistake, are they okay? Is something wrong? Why are we at a house?'” she laughed.

The contestants were greeted by Melissa, Andy and Jock, who introduced Helly Raichura, the woman behind one of the most exclusive restaurants in Melbourne, EnterViaLaundry — a dining experience that seats just ten people per week and has more than 1600 on their waiting list.

“I had heard of these rogue restaurants where people just open up a restaurant in their backyard and they do these random sittings but it was definitely different,” Rose explained.

Along with Laura, Emilia, Reece, Amina, Simon, Tessa, Ben U and Poh, Rose had five minutes to identify as many ingredients as she could in Helly’s signature dish, Pasta Not Pasta.

Andy noted that it was probably the toughest taste test in MasterChef history — which Rose can attest to, with the refined flavours all the more tricky to identify while standing outdoors.

“I think, I definitely wasn’t expecting to do a tasting in a front yard out in the fresh air.

“Can I tell you, the fresh air really messes with your taste buds because you’re smelling the trees and the leaves, it was really leafy where we were as well so all I could smell was grass,” she laughed.

Landing in the bottom three with Ben and Poh, the trio then found out that they’d be cooking the signature dish they’d just unsuccessfully tasted.

Known as Khandvi in the Gujarati state of India, the dish is comprised of silky strips that look like pasta but are actually created using an ancient technique that transforms chickpea flour into soft ribbons.

“I just thought to myself… I’ve never seen this technique before, none of us have, I don’t understand how I’m going to get that sheet of fake pasta from this liquid, my brain wasn’t quite connecting,” Rose told 10 daily.

“I really didn’t understand at what point I should stop stirring because I’ve never made anything like this in my life before and how thick do I pour it, how does it pour?”

On top of her complete uncertainty around how the dish should look, taste and feel, Rose said she was missing the presence of the trusty MasterChef clock that normally looms over contestants in the kitchen.

“Every pressure test I’ve ever done, and I’ve done a lot, I rely on that clock so heavily to manage my time and we didn’t have a clock in this cook, we were just relying on time calls, that was really hard for me,” she said.

Yet throughout the cook, and her time on Back To Win, Rose has been a joyous presence of no-nonsense positivity — never giving up no matter how dire things might look at the eleventh hour.

“Can I tell you, this is not a lie, I’m not just putting this on — my first time in Season 7, that was not me, I was a mess,” Rose said.

“I was stressed out, I was in every elimination pretty much, I was anxious the whole time, I was nervous the whole time,” she added saying that while she enjoyed herself she didn’t “have fun”.

So I was like, I don’t want to have that regret this time around, screw it, I’m just going to go in and have the time of my life.
That didn’t mean that Rose didn’t give her all in every single challenge, she just made a very conscious effort to be present during her second experience in the wonderful MasterChef bubble.

“I feel like people don’t think that I took the competition seriously but I was working very hard and I was really dedicated,” she said.

Rose’s infectious energy lifted everyone’s mood in the MasterChef kitchen, whether she was reassuring Poh to trust her gut or promising Gordon Ramsay that she’d pay him $30 an hour for a job at her Adelaide cafe — where she’s currently changed up her entire business model amid coronavirus restrictions.

Looking back on both her MasterChef journeys, we had to ask Rose which Pressure Test was worse, the Cassia Plum dish created by Janice Wong that got her eliminated during Season 7 or Helly’s Pasta Not Pasta?

“Oh Jesus Christ, well here’s my theory in life — never trust anyone who serves you fake pasta. If you’re going to serve me zucchini and tell me it’s pasta — no i’m sorry. It’s just zucchini mate! Let’s just deal with it,” she said.

Rose said that although the Cassia Plum was probably more technically difficult, the Pasta not Pasta dish was challenging in a whole different way.

“But I tell you this much, I’m never eating fake pasta ever again!” she laughed.

“Not that it wasn’t a beautiful dish, it’s just… I’m now scarred for life. I always knew it wasn’t my jam but this has 100 percent put that nail in the coffin.”

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