Slim Jxmmi and his now ex-girlfriend, who is pregnant with his child, have broken up after he allegedly punched her in the mouth, knocking out her front tooth after an altercation went wrong according to The Shaderoom.

Kee, who is now six months pregnant, was involved in an altercation with Jxmmi that turned physical about two months ago.

Jxmmi is accused of punching Kee in the mouth per sources and knocking her right front tooth out of place and breaking the bone in her gums. Jxmmi has since paid for Kee to get veneers to replace her tooth.

The site points to sources who allege that Kee and Jxmmi’s relationship had been physically abusive for some time, saying she was “his punching bag”, and that Jxmmi’s actions have been a direct result of his father passing away earlier this year.

Kee has not pressed charges on Jxmmi out of fear that he would retaliate against her.

Kee and Jxmmi have since ended their relationship, and the site confirms that Kee is in a safe environment and plans to stay away from Jxmmi while she finishes out her pregnancy.

Slim Jxmmi has since threatened to sue The Shaderoom since this story broke out stating that it was based on lies and slander to his name.

However it didn’t take long before a friend of Kee the former girlfriend came to her defense stating that the story was reported correctly also adding that she was the one that took Kee to hospital moving with her from ER to ER because they won’t let her stay with Kee until they decided to go to an emergency dentist.


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