Snoop Dogg can’t contain himself after watching ‘Power Book II Ghost’ the spinoff of the 50 Cent ‘Power show’ that he created after the latter came to an end.

The rap star took to his Instagram to post a clip while praising 50 Cent for his ingenious ways noting that he is a master of TV and how entertainment works.

Snoop Dogg could not hide his joy when Method Man made his debut on the show as a lawyer for the villains with Ghost’s son Tariq hiring him to represent his mother Tasha St. Patrick.

Now if you haven’t watched it yet, get yourself lit and watch it before spoilers ruin the fun for you. But Method Man proved hip hop heads are still the best entertainers with his talents on the screen.

50 Cent reacted to Snoop’s showering of praises on his show noting that the ratings skyrocketed over the weekend and that people received the new show very well.

“@snoopdogg thanks man it’s only getting better the rating went 🚀up again more people are watching.”

Snoop Dogg already requested to get a role in the show and we are keenly waiting to see if 50 Cent will grand the prayers of the rapper and give uncle Snoop a cameo.

Check out Snoop Dogg below reacting to the show and let us know what you made of it when you saw it.

In other news 50 Cent revealed that he was working on the visuals for raising Kanan today with a couple of his homies and noted speaking exclusively to MM that this was about again to be one of his best bodies of work.

“Today we shot The Raising Kanan Theme song Video cool shit only.”

50 Cent also added that he had gone to his hood to make the video noting that it felt good to meet people who really knew him and understood where he came from with his journey and it helped in creating ‘raising Kanan’.

“man i shot in South Side today, it felt good to see so many people who really know me. Raising Kanan coming soon!”

Fif also spared a moment to take pictures with his hood fans and enjoyed every bit of it noting that within 10 minutes the location they were working from was already filled up with people.

i didn’t tell nobody i was coming, everybody in the hood knew in 10 minutes.🤷🏽‍♂️ so i had to take pictures or they would have said all kinda shit after i left. LOL.”

Among notable names on the scene Dj Self made an appearance and supported Fif. It will be interesting to see if he got a role to play on ‘raising Kanan’ as 50 Cent is putting many of our fav stars on with his programs.

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