Female rapper Stefflon Don almost showed more than she may have wanted to as she enjoyed a swimming session with a friend.

The rap-star who had decided to document the good time she was having, took to his phone camera and just so she looks nice for the video, she went on to adjust her bikini wear only for her to pull the bra she was wearing a little too much almost revealing the nip or did she?

But not that this is important or it means anything these nowadays following the polarisation of nudity on the internet, the star carried on as if nothing had happened!

Am not even sure whether she noticed what we noticed but as you will see on the video below she didn’t mind sharing.

She would accompany the clip with a quote that; “Can’t argue with these lazy Bishes I just raise my price.”

Stefflon is a massive star when it comes to music and is currently dating another power house star from Nigeria Burna Boy.

Stephanie Victoria Allen as she is known by her official name has been helping spot talent during quarantine and she has been doing this through her Instagram page and many have come forth to showcase their talent until restrictions were eased and now she is out and about.

She is also said to be working on new music and is spending a good chunk of her time in the studio. Which explains why she was out swimming maybe to unwind and relax a little. But whether the wardrobe miss-up was planned is hard to say.

Watch the clip below and let us know what you think on the comments below.



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