George Floyd’s death at the hands of the police has led to widespread outrage, and justifiably so.

As of right now, protests continue to rage on throughout the United States and people are looking for both answers and timely solutions.

Unfortunately, our leadership doesn’t seem to be interested in any of that right now.

Golden State Warriors superstar Steph Curry has always been vocal about injustices and recently, he shared his opinion on what’s been happening in regards to the Floyd protests.

As reported by NBC Sports Bay Area, Curry explained how people can seriously affect change and how it’s going to mean getting uncomfortable for a little while.

“It’s just crazy, how many examples do you need,” Curry said. “This one, I actually found out from [Stephen Jackson]. He’s been posting like crazy trying to make sure his partner is memorialized the right way and they remember his name and he’s taken that on his back. But until people outside of our community speak up, use their platform, get uncomfortable and actually feel some type of emotional change to the issues then we are just going to be in the same situation. That, to me, is the thing I’ve been watching on social media, if we can actually get some solutions. To raise your voice and get mad and get angry and you hate doing it over and over again, but we got to figure out some solutions to this problem and they got to be accountable to it.”

Curry’s words certainly ring true especially with how protests have gone down.

People have been leaving their homes in large numbers to protest injustice and it seems like many are ready to fight this battle for weeks and perhaps even months if need be.

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