Tekashi 6ix9ine will be a one-man band for his upcoming music video because of the corona-virus and, perhaps more importantly, to keep his location secret.

Sources close to Tekashi tell MM that 6ix9ine is going to be the only one in his camera frame in the video, and he’s already shooting behind-the-scenes footage.

We’re told security guards are helping Tekashi with the labour meaning, they’ll be behind the lens. If you didn’t know, 6ix9ine was a videographer before he became a successful rapper, and later a snitch. So, we’re told he’ll be starring and directing the video shoot.

Of course, it would be difficult for Tekashi to hire a full crew, anyway. While he can afford it financially, he’s blowing through cash like crazy plus there are corona-virus quarantine restrictions he has to adhere to.

Remember, the judge only let him out because he feared getting COVID-19 in prison.

We’re told it’s possible Tekashi may recruit the help of another rap star but they’ll shoot their own content. He’s been quarantining with his girlfriend, Jade, but it’s unclear if she’ll make an appearance.

Speaking of his health, the now-infamous snitch is worried about vengeful enemies and that means keeping his location hidden while serving out his sentence under in-home incarceration.

MM broke the story after Tekashi recently got the green light from the judge to shoot music videos in his own backyard, and he’s dropping hints about a May 8 release.

We’re told he’s running his security ragged with video shoot labour and other household chores like brewing coffee, moving his cars and listening to his prison stories.

Our sources say Tekashi’s security asked for a raise, and he agreed. Spend, spend, spend!

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